Double Shaft Shredder


Double-shaft shredder, also known as shear shredder, reduces the size of materials through shearing, tearing and squeezing, and is widely used in bulk materials such as scrap iron, plastics, and wood. Our company has introduced 30 years of manufacturing experience in Europe and the United States to China, and made improvements and developments based on China's actual conditions, and launched a series of dual-shaft crushers with mature technology and advanced design.

This multifunction shredder can shred and recycling the following materials:

wast rubber

1.Plastic Head Material, Paper Rope, and Other Materials.
2.Pipe: Large Pipe, Pipe Fittings, PE Pipe.
3.Waste Tires: Tires Tires, Truck Tires.\
4.A Variety Of Hollow Containers: Plastic Beverage Cans, Plastic Barrels, Drums, Crates, Packaging Barrels.
5.Scrap Metal: Car Shell, Aluminum, Scrap Aluminum, Engine Shell, Lead And Thickness Of 5Mm Below The Plate, Food Waste, Garbage, Animal Carcass, Medical Waste, Biological Orange, Garden Garbage.
6.The Old Template: Wooden Pallets, Plastic Pallets, Forklift Pallets.
7.Waste Appliances: TV, Washing Machine, Refrigerator Shell.


Mixed waste,Appliances,plastic,metal/scrap iron/scrap steel,Tire,plastic barrel,Metal drums,Medical waste,Garbage,E-waste,Paper,wood,Wood board,Other materials ......

3) Equipment parameter

Model Motor power(kw) Blade(mm) Main blade rotation diameter(mm) Main blade quantity(pcs) External dimensions(mm) Equipment weight(kg)
QZ1530 1.5KW 18.5mm φ200mm 14 850x560x1550mm 500kg
QZ1940 7.5KW 18.5mm φ245mm 20 1860x900x1800mm 1400kg
QZ1960 2x7.5KW 30 1950x900x1800mm 1600kg
QZ1980 2x11KW 42 2180x900x1800mm 1800kg
QZ2360 18.5KW 25mm φ290mm 24 2300x1000x1950mm 3000kg
QZ2380 22KW 32 2500x1000x1950mm 3500kg
QZ23100 22KW 40 2700x1000x1950mm 4000kg
QZ2680 18.5KW 40mm φ320mm 20 2410x1100x2050mm 4200kg
QZ26100 22KW 25 2810x1100x2050mm 4600kg
QZ26120 22KW 30 3010x1100x2050mm 5000kg
QZ3380 2x22KW 50mm φ430mm 16 3000x1250x2150mm 4700kg
QZ33100 2x30KW 20 3200x1250x2150mm 5200kg
QZ33120 2x30KW 24 3400x1250x2150mm 5700kg
QZ41100 2x30KW 50mm φ534mm 20 3660x1700x2650mm 9000kg
QZ41140 2x37KW 28 4160x1700x2650mm 10000kg
QZ41160 2x45KW 32 4360x1700x2650mm 11000kg
QZ50130 2x55KW 50mm φ650mm 32 4200x2100x3000mm 13000kg
QZ50180 2x55KW 36 5200x2100x3000mm 14000kg
QZ61180 2x75KW 75mm φ800mm 24 5400x2400x3700mm 20000kg
QZ61210 2x90KW 100mm 21 6200x2400x3700mm 23000kg
QZ80210 2x225KW 150mm φ980mm 14 7100x2900x4200mm 26000kg
QZ80250 2x225KW 17 7600x2900x4200mm 29000kg
QZ80300 2x225KW 20 8300x2900x4200mm 32000kg

Our two Shaft Shredder are equipment developed for a variety of applications. If your company produces a range of materials or waste, our two Shaft Shredder are certainly your best choice. Our products are designed according to the requirements of the material to be shredded, and can process metal contaminants, among others.